Explore Mount Maunganui

Kim's Mount Image

Only 10 minutes away by bus or car, you’ll find iconic Mt Maunganui. Affectionately known as ‘The Mount’, its dazzling beach is a mecca for swimming, surfing, long beach walks or even just basking in the sun. During the summer the beach hosts many events including surf lifesaving competitions, beach volleyball, parasailing, sandcastle building and surfing contests. Take a walk around the base track of The Mount or for spectacular views, walk to the the summit (a leisurely trek). Below, you will find some images taken during a wander to the summit. Note, this weather was on a winters day, beautiful eh?

The Mount look out views

The Mount goat trail

The two mount islands from the summit

All of Mount Maunganui from the summit

The Mount summit view

The Legend of Mount Maunganui

In the times of the Maori lore, there lived a nameless hill. He sat inland and alone, and was a slave to Otanewainuku- the most prestigious mountain of Tauranga Moana. Nearby, stood a beautiful hill named Puwhenua. The nameless hill desired Puwhenua deeply and affectionally, though Puwhenua’s heart stood with Otanewainuku. The nameless one felt deep despair, and led him to decide to take his own life by drowning himself in the Te Moananui-a-Kiwa (The Pacific Ocean). So, he called upon his companions: the patupaiarehe (fairy people) who dwelt within the forests and became active at night. When night fell, the patupaiarehe buckled the nameless one in ropes and begun to heave and ho. The land rumbled deeply and a valley was gouged, as they heaved him along. Upon their arrival near the great ocean of Kiwa, the rays of Tama nui te ra (sun) lit the summit of the nameless hill, and in an instant, the patupaiarehe retreated back to the depths of the forest, leaving the nameless one where he stands.

The patupaiarehe gave the name Mauao to the nameless one, which now marks the enterance of the Tauranga Harbour and watches over the Mount Maunganui township.

The translation of Mauao is “caught by the dawn”.

Explore Tauranga

Tauranga offers great shopping, excellent cafe’s & restaurants and a bustling nightlife, all on Loft 109’s doorstep. We’re close to great restaurants which offer you the choice of Thai or Chinese (Hong Kong style), Japanese Sushi or Turkish Kebabs, or a bit further down the road you will find a little Italian restaurant. Or if you’re feeling a little more kiwi-ish, you can walk on down to the fresh fish market and pick up fresh, real kiwi style fish and chips from the fresh fish market. Art for all eyes can be found on The Strand: Tauranga Artists have joined together to create a ‘Market’ atmosphere with a wide variety of art styles being displayed. With what is now a growing number of ‘Art Gallery’ style Artists, Sculptor’s, Artistic Photographer’s and Artistic Potters making use of this opportunity, Tauranga residents and others have an opportunity to see some excellent art being displayed AND buy at great prices. You are sure to find something quite close by Loft 109 Backpackers Hostel that will suit you in dining and entertainment.