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Moutohora Arch and Elephant Rock

Take a short boat ride to visit one of NZ’s most restricted wildlife sanctuaries. Moutohorā (also known as Whale Island) is home to a number of endangered bird species such as the Saddleback, Kākāriki (NZ parakeet), and the Little Brown Kiwi. It is also home to NZ’s living dinosaur, the Tuatara, and three other species of lizard.  Moutohorā is an area of volcanic activity, and is a remnant of a volcano which has eroded, leaving the two visible peaks. Visitors to the island will learn about the island’s cultural significance to the local Maori tribe which had a village based on the island in pre-European times. Along with spectacular views and beautiful bush life,

Tauranga whakatane Moutohora_Hot Water Beach

Motuohorā Hot water beach

visitors can also dig their own personal spa on the island’s secluded hot water beach and bathe in natural hot springs found on the island in Sulphur Valley, McEwans Bay, and Sulphur Bay.